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This spell (SIMPLE ATTRACTION SPELL) is perfect to attract anything you need in your life. In this, it is not necessarily for love affairs only but everything you want in your life. Like in business, attracting someone to love you, attracting new job, inspiration, and anything you like. In most cases, people think that it’s a perfect spell for attracting someone to love you but it works on everything in life.

The best advantage of the Attraction Spell is that it doesn’t work by changing the environment around you, or attracting someone to focus on you. Instead, it will help your energy in the best position to help and get the best from what you want. In simple terms it’s a perfect material for everyone must have in life to succeed because it falls in all aspects of life

With that in mind, here is how to cast the Attraction spell.

You will need:

Two candles

Pen and a blank sheet of paper



For the candles, you can enhance the spell by using different colors. Like red symbolizes romance, light blue for peace and green attracts luck.

Casting the Attraction Spell

Look for a calm place, mix water and salt and cleanse the whole body. Focus your attention on what you are doing to avoid disturbances. write down all that you need on the paper and then light the candles. Be honest if you are not in the right mood don’t try it because you will get nothing. Cool down and relax. After, light the candles and let the piece of paper caught fire from both candles. While burning says the following words as much as possible:

   “May I be seen and be blessed today while harming no one on my way to success”

Then take the ashes outside and let the wind blow away not you. Don’t blow the candles -just let them burn off themselves.

You can do the same for 9 consecutive days for the same goal for better results. If you don’t see anything you can repeat it every month for better results. Use +256779566027 to call or WhatsApp to know more.

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