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A SPELL FOR REMOVING ANGER is a quick and simple spell which can be recited without a proper ritual. This is very easy because you can use it for yourself or for your friend. Anger leads to many problems because every one get different feelings. In this, this bring a lot of problems that can not be resolved easily and end up in courts of law. So to avoid all of this, you have to use this spell to overcome the results that can come from anger.

You have to add a simple gesture to this simple spell. By this, you will need to take a stone and envision of anger you want to remove flowing into the stone. Then feel the energy of the anger pulsate through you and into the stone. When you feel that you have transferred all the anger in the stone, throw it away. Its good to through it in the river or any waterbody where it can be cleansed.

Then say the following words to remove your anger:

“The great guardians and the ancestors who watch over the sea and oceans,

Let this Anger disperse through space and time,,

make it disappear forever from me as you clean this stone”

How to make spell for Removing Anger works

This spell is very easy since it does not require many items and precautions. What you need to do only is to put attention and much emphasis on what you are doing. This will enable the spell to work without any hinderance. But doing this spell, you have also to try to have self control on various issues with our friends. This will reduce much hunger and have self control.

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