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(A SPELL TO WIN  A COURT CASE) This is a powerful spell to win cases in courts of law to be on your side. In this, it involves signing papers of negotiations and contractual obligations. In other words, this is more of a “justice spell” that can be used for numerous purposes. Therefore this spell helps to settle issues in courts of law in order to get justice and benefit you in the future without any hustle.

Depending on what kind of legal issues you are dealing with, you have to remember if the fault is yours, please I advise you not to use this spell. Instead, focus on soul-healing rituals that will help you to make better choices to succeed in the future. But it’s better to behave well and not to urge with the police or behave badly in court. Witch or not, you are still part of society so it’s better for your energy to come in difficult times like this.

Ingredients you will need to get:

A silver spoon

A small glass bowl

A handful of black poppy seeds


A silver coin

To cast the Court case spell

Use well-natural lightroom for better results. Mix poppy seeds using a silver spoon with one spoon of honey. Stir well until it’s combined in the bowl. After, remove the spoon and place the coin on top of the mixture. It can start sinking if the honey is not mixed with anything. Focus on the legal matter that’s worrying you and say the following three times.

“Divine is the peace of my soul, now justice will take control of everything”

The spell is now complete. To attract more positive energies, wash the coin with rain drops and keep it in your wallet wherever you attend the court. This will give more strength to make the case go on your side. To know more, use +256779566027 on whatsapp or call direct for help.

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