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Love is something not controllable. Since it is in the feelings no one can see it, only the one who feels it is the only one who can explain what he /she feels. Because of that, you can look for options on what to do. One can go direct and inform the one he/ she loves. Another one gets sending messages through someone and others are difficult. But for this case, you can use the Attraction Spell to someone you love.

This spell is very effective and it works in a short period of time. This is the way that this spell has been in use for many years and it works. Therefore using this spell is a guarantee that you will get what you want in a short period. However, this spell works only if you don’t have any secondary interest like harming that one. So for this, you have to be specific about what you are doing and get what you want at the right time.

what you need for the spell to be effective

A photo of that one you love

3 Red candles

2 White candles

A plain cloth



How to cast the spell

Get a free room from any sound for the spell to start. Light all the candles using a matchbox and put the photo of your lover in the middle. Round yourself with the herbs and say the following words.

“I want you (mention his /her names) to be my lover forever without any hindrance”

Then put all the herbs in the cloth and put them under your pillow. Whenever you sleep try to call his or her name and say that I love you to be my wife/husband for your whole life. But this spell is best especially at the start of the moon up to its fifteen days. For effective spells, you need to get some advice from the psychic master to help you fix that.

You can consult Dr. Nunu to help you fix the Attraction Spell on someone you love. Use +256779566027  and inquire about what you need.

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