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(DISTANCE HEALING SPELL) This is a spell for those who are far away or abroad. For those who cannot come to the shrine use this spell. It’s very powerful and effective if you do everything well they are. Because of this, you can do this spell on many issues according to your wish. Like you can do on attracting your lover, on your job, for protection, bring back lost love, settle marriage problems, and many more.

In this spell, you will need simple materials to get like 3 white candles, an orgonite rose, a picture, or the name of that one. Eucalyptus and peppermint incense are also very useful in this spell. You will be summoning the Irish goddess Brigid (pronounced “Breed”) for this healing, the Sumerian counterpart Nanna. You can invoke the Goddess with either of these names to give your healing spell extra.

The healing spell

Light the candles in a circle-like structure in front of you and place the incense to one side. Put the picture of the person u are healing in the middle of the circle while facing you. Then put the quartz crystal on top of it.

Invoke the Goddess of healing through prayer or chant in any way you fill comfortable.

Ground yourself and then start raising energy. You can do this whichever way you like. Because of this, singing, drumming, chanting, dancing or visualization are all possible. When you fill that you have built up enough energy, you direct this healing energy through quartz toward the photo. This helps because the energy travels through the quartz as this will enhance the energy.

After this, visualize the candles forming a protective ring of fire around the person you are performing distance healing on. This will block pain and harm from them. The healing light is coming through you and finding the source of the illness or pain. Therefore, seeing this energy coats them and relieves the pain that making it easy for them with energy and vitality.

After this, ground yourself and re-energize yourself. Eating something like a piece of bread will help you to refresh again. Then thank the Goddess now for everything.

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