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In ERECTION SPELL, it deals with men whose functions are not working well to satisfy sexually. This is a big problem in most men, especially in the ages between thirty and fifty. This problem brings a lot of problems in marriage and results in fornication. It’s because women are trying to get the sexual satisfaction that they don’t get from their husbands.  And this ends up in divorce which is not good. So because of this, you have to look for a solution for this.

This problem comes as a result of many issues like poor feeding, lack of money, negative energies, being in thoughts, natural causes, and many more. Being in such problems doesn’t mean that you should fail to do what you are supposed to do in bed. In this, you have to look for solutions on what to do before problems come to you.

what will help you to regain a normal erection?

First of all, you have to check your diet. Sweaty foods are one of the causes of poor erection in men. These foods contain a substance that doesn’t allow the manufacture of enough sperms. Therefore, you have to check on what you are eating. It’s advisable to eat underground foods like cassava, yams, potatoes and many more. You have to reduce the consumption of artificial drinks otherwise you may totally lose all the power you have.

Secondly, you have to focus on what you are doing and leave other problems to their appropriate time. If you fail to do that nothing will happen and in the end, you will end up losing your marriage. In some areas, someone can make black magic on you and end up losing your manpower. This is done mostly by women who don’t want their husbands to get other women. In the end, this can result in a big problem and you need a solution for it.

Because of the above, you can consult Dr. Nunu to help you regain your status as a man by calling on +256779566027 or WhatsApp on the same number. If it means using herbs I will help you to fix that and regain your manhood.

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