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In Happiness Spell, it considers being happy as a solution to problems. This includes solving love problems, family issues, and many more that bring sadness. Because of that, this is where the Happiness spell comes in and helps you solve such problems and live in a good life. When one is sad, nothing can go on and everything gets disrupted and in the end, you lose everything.

Scientists say that “being sad shortens your life expectance” which means if you were to live for ninety years you will die when in half of it. Therefore, you have to use this spell to solve your day-to-day problems and live a happy life. In this spell, you need just simple materials to be effective. Because most of the work is in the hands of the ancestors to help you. So you should not worry much about that.

what you will need for the spell

Blue candles

Sea water

Happiness charm

A bottle


How to cast the spell

First of all, you need to cleanse yourself from negative energies with seawater. After that, enter your room and light the candles as they are facing you. Wear a happiness charm and lift the bottle in your right hand. Then put herbs in the body as you say the following words:

“I put all negative energies in this bottle never disturb my happiness again”

Then cover up the bottle and threw it in a running water body as you say

“All my worries go with water and never come back in my life”
Then go back to your home and start your work as your ancestor do their work for you. In a few days, you will start seeing the results. If you need to know more, contact Dr. Nunu on WhatsApp at +256779566027 and guide you on what to do.

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