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HEALING SPELL is a kind of spell that deals with the healing of wounds brought by stress and problems. The [power of healing spells I perhaps the greatest of all powers. Because it deals with the power of health, wealth, and life concerns. This helps to solve all your problems and in this, all negative energies on you are then removed and remain problem-free.

However, this spell is very effective but it depends on the powers you have. This is because this spell covers most of the spells and therefore who try it must be in a position to fulfill what it needs to acquire everything. Therefore, a healing spell covers all aspects of life. When it comes to health and wealth, this spell is very good in protecting your life from negative energies. This helps so much in the progress of life because nothing can stop you from going ahead.

What you will need for the spell to work for you

Sea water


3 Blue candles

Healing herbs

A plain cloth

Doing this spell, you have to pay attention and believe that what you are doing is real. Correct all the powers and start the spell. Enter your bathing place and add salt to the seawater plus half of the herbs. Stand on the cloth and start to bath as you recite these words:

“Am cleansing myself from all negative energies that cast on me and I need to be purified”

Then collect all the herbs and plus the cloth and tie them together. In the middle of the night, light the candles and burn the remaining herbs saying the same words. Do this for three days and collect all the materials and through them in a running water body. Don’t look back when coming back. You have to do this in the early hours before people with bad heart sees you. If you have not understood well what to do, contact Dr. Nunu to help you at +256779566027 or fill out the form below you will get help.

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