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This black magic love spell will help to seduce and capture the attention of some one you love. Spells that force someone to love you give a sleepless nights and thinking of you only. This attention spells bring give much confidence until is in your hands and start a pure love. It helps to break your loved ones will and make them yours no matter of any condition.

This spell help to bring the attention of the one you admire, can unite you with your loved one, can make someone fall deep in love with you no matter what or can fix any broken relationship. This black magic spell helps to stop marriage related problems by binding the heart back and love you again. However, there are some terms to first solve before doing anything to cast your lover.

items you will need to make the cast successful to force someone to love you

10 small black candles

12 red candles



Chicken hear


Something from the person you want to cast the love spell like a photo, a lock of hair, clothing, nails and names written on the piece of paper.

How to cast the black magic love spells

Put a plain sheet of paper on a table in front of you, in the center of it write the following things:

(Greatest God of the sky, rivers, oceans, lakes, mountains and air. I summon your energies to break my lover’s heart ( mention the name) and make him  or her love me without any condition.

Then light the black candles using a match box and blow one by one with the prayer of a doctor.

Pin yourself using a needle or knife to get some drops of blood and drop them on the wax. Get a parchment paper and bind it with the chicken heart plus both names and put it under the tree. After 15 days burn out the left candles but it must be at full moon.

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