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(LOVE SPELLS TO ATTRACT SOMEONE TO LOVE YOU) Loving someone year to year is not something very easy to keep. In this, you must look for other ways to attract your lover by using this spell.  This spell is very useful in that, it acts as a bridge to fill the gap between the two lovers. In marriage, love doesn’t last for long only to be problems and your spouse can decide to look for others. For this matter, it’s high time to use this spell to attract your lover to love you alone.

There are many things you can overcome if use this spell. Like, one can decide to get married to another one because of a small reason. So if you use this spell, it will make all things impossible and make you fall in love again without any problem. So instead of making everything possible to attract someone to love you, this spell will help you to do it without any hustle.

how to cast a spell to attract someone to love you

Casting a spell to attract someone to love, you need the following to make it perfect:

A photo of your lover

Un cooked milk

3 Red candles

3 White candles

5 Eggs

This spell is very effective, especially in the middle of the night. It is good to be done when your lover is busy sleeping in order to catch his or her attention. This helps so much to keep the soul in the arms of the ancestors to make the spell perfect. This spell must be done during the period when the moon is young to enable the ancestors to do their work.

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