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(MAGIC SPELL FOR KIDS) This is a spell that helps to protect children from negative energies. Different people have bad ideas about our children, so this is the best spell to protect them. Not only that, but it guarantees safety and lays a strong foundation for their future of them. This helps them to have a bright future by acquiring a good education, brightness in school, and clear chances.

Dreaming of a good child’s life is everyone’s dream in life. So this spell will help you to grow your kids the way you want. Protecting your kids against any harm from strangers or bad words. Because of this, it’s very good to use this spell before it’s too late.

what you will need

A photo, favorite toy, collar, or anything else

A small dish

A white candle for protection

Dried rosemary

How to make a spell perfect

Get a flat space like a table and bring the materials above. Light the white candle and put the photo around the toy. Use the rosemary as a sign of love and put them all together in a dish. Then speak the following out loud:

“Bless our children, protect them from devils, give them brightness in their future as you did to our grands”. Do this consecutively for nine days at every start of the new month for three months. This will give you a better chance to talk to your ancestors privately without anyone disturbing them.

Remember, doing this spell you have to calm down and believe that what you are doing is real and yields good results.  This will ensure positive results and good kids for a bright future.

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