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(PROTECTION SPELL AGAINST NEGATIVE PEOPLE) This is a spell that will help to protect you against negative people. This spell will protect you against all negative actions against you. In this, gossip, jealousy, verbal attacks and many more will be nowhere on you. And most importantly it protects you from demons and psychic vampires who can literally sack your positive energy and powers from you.

For the spell against negative people, you will need:

4 Blue candles and a white candle

A picture of yourself

3 Acacia leaves

Drops of essential oil

3 Black tourmaline stones

Casting the Protection spell Against Negative People

Purify yourself with the essential oil by washing your hands in a bowl that contains someone.

Make a circle by placing the blue candles on each cardinal point, and the white candle in front of you. Put the incense to the left of the white candle, and the acacia leaves plus the tourmaline stones to the right of the white candle. After that, place your photo in front of the candle.

Cast the circle, and light all the candles and the incense. handle your photo and pass it over the incense three times, and as you do so, imagine the incense purifying this representation of you, and therefore making it clear all negativity that has been sent to you by the negative people.

Take tourmaline leaves and acacia leaves in your hands, and say the following words:

  “I ask goddess protection and healing, protect me and keep safe now and forever. Thank you”

Because of this powerful protection spell, you extinguish the candles and close the circle and let them burn off with the incense leaves. Therefore, you have to remember that this spell is good from the start of the moon up to its end. Because of this, you will have enough time to prepare everything for another spell.

In conclusion, the Protection Spell against Negative People is very useful in order to overcome negative energies and the dark clouds that can make your plans a failure in the future.

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