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Looking for the love of your dreams is not something easy. You can love someone and the one you love refuses to accept or is already booked. So this spell is here to help you choose your true partner. A spell to choose your love will help you to choose the right person you will not rejoice for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter whether you know her or him. This spell can hunt from any part of the world for you to get your true love.

This spell looks like a suitable lover of your choice. It doesn’t matter even if you are looking for a second or third partner. In this, due to experience of bad relationship either of your parents, relatives, and friends, so u need to this spell to look for you a partner of your choice. If you tell us the right kind of partner you want, it is very easy to look for a love of your choice using this spell.

what you will need

A green candle

A nice romantic card


preparations for the ritual

Buy a nice looking and romantic card, which for you represents love and shows that in love with someone. Describe there your partner and write all the qualities you wish your dream lover must-have.


Begin one day after the new moon. Every day from the day you start till the second Friday, you will light the candle and let it shine during the whole time of your magic work and then blow out. In this process, you have to relax your mind and focus on the purpose of the magic. Concentrate on what is on the word on the card of the dream partner you love. You have to feel strong as you say the prayers as you are seeing him /her where you are.

Focus on the qualities on the card again, and try to meditate about them. Try to find a situation where you deserve respect, care, understanding, and whatever you want. After the second Friday, burn the card and bury the ashes under a strong live tree and wait for your partner. To know more, use +256779566027 on WhatsApp or call direct.

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