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In this (SPELL FOR PROTECTION AGAINST NEGATIVE ENERGIES), they are very good for every human being.  In this, people with negative energies and bad hearts are the very cause of this. But still, you can overcome this by casting this spell. Negative energies are very bad in that, they affect businesses, jobs, families, and many more.

In order to overcome such problems, you need to cast this spell to protect yourself against negative energies. In most cases, this is because of the people we are living with who have hatred. However, this problem is very easy to solve by casting the protection spell against negative people and gaining what you want. But still, to overcome such problems, you have to behave well in society. Otherwise, you can think that the spell is not working yet it’s your bad habit.

What you will need to cast the spell

2 blue candles

A plain cloth

Sea water


How to cast the Spell for Protection against Negative Energies

Get a dark corner outside your room. Put the plain cloth in the place where you are going to bathe from. Mix salt in the seawater and bathe the whole body three times. After that, enter your room and light the candles as you say the following words:

” I purify myself from all the negative energies that are crippling my life ( you mention your problems)”.

Repeat this three times and wait for the results in a few days.

However, you must do this under the supervision of the doctor to guide you on what to do. Otherwise, you can not do them alone except if you have magical powers. I can help you to protect yourself from negative energies if you call or whatsapp me on +256779566027 or fill out the form below. I will help you and do everything right.

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