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(SPELL TO ATTRACT CLIENTS), This spell is very useful in business in attracting clients. In this case, there is an old idea of using a witch bottle. Everything in the bottle is for attracting customers to where you work whether at home or running a business.  In this bottle, there are ingredients that help to attract clients to support you, and finally, you get profits.

The chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil is symbolic of money coming to you in a sweet way so easily. It helps so much to others who have a positive opinion of your services or products. A bee is put on your business card to show a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Bee is one of the greatest signs of prosperity by our ancestors because of the hard work they do in preparing for their future.

ingredients for the witch bottle


Red ribbon

Your business card

Chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil

Spiritual herbs.

how to cast the spell to attract clients

This ritual can be done on any day but most probably on the new start of the moon. In this period between the start of the moon to its full, the ritual is positive because of the lunar energies that take place in this period. Draw a bee on the back of a business card, roll it and wrap it again and again in the red ribbon. Place the scroll in the bottle. Then drop the chocolate into the bottle and fill it with liquid honey. Cap it and place it in one place and freeze.

Honey helps to attract clients and see you as sweet forever. The bottle with the ingredients, will pack together and produce positive energies to attract clients. You can contact me by filling out the form below or contact me on WhatsApp number +256779566027 to help you to attract customers.

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