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Spell To Help You Know Your Dreams

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Cast a spell to HELP YOU know your dreams

A Spell To Help You Know Your Dreams is so helpful in that, our ancestors use dreams to pass various information to help us in our daily life. In this, dreams come when we are sleeping and in most cases, they are warning us or guiding us. In dreams, some people fail to wake up and they die from them because they are so shocking. but this doesn’t come once but it warns before and they neglect them.

Bad dreams come as a result that someone can be against you. And in this, he /she can be using serious witchcraft and by dreaming your ancestors try to guide you and you fail to understand. Because of this, you need to understand what you are dreaming about. Before getting problems yet you got serious warnings and didn’t understand them.

How To Know your dreams and their meanings

In this spell, many people forget their dreams immediately after waking up. Therefore, one has to get a solution for that in order to know and interpret the dream. For example, dreaming while someone is chasing you means that you have some miss understanding with your friends. And the dream is a warning that you still have time to settle that. By this, you have to look for solutions before it’s too late otherwise things may end up negatively.

What you will need for this spell to know your dreams

You have to sleep while facing the sunrise and put your legs facing the sunset. You will need the following items to make the spell come true:

Lavender sprigs

A blank piece of parchment

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is known as “the dream stone”. This one is used in many cultures, especially for those who don’t dream. It helps so much in calming, grounding energy and it helps in body heal itself while resting. If you can not do them for yourself, look for a professional psychic to help you and understand your dreams. You can contact me on +256779566027 on WhatsApp for more information

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