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This (SPELL TO PROTECT YOUR LOVER) is a spell to protect your lover from others who can grab him/her. Getting a true love is not something easy that meets your standards. Therefore you have done everything possible to keep your lover. This is a spell that will help you to do that in a short period of time.  For this reason, keeping your lover is not new. Even our ancestors also did it to protect their lovers.

A Spell to Protect your Lover is very effective in that, even if he or she has been dreaming of getting another one, it stops it immediately. Because of this, the spiritual powers use their ability to soften the heart of your lover to think only of you. This has no side effect or any harm to your love only do its work.

what you will need

A photo of both

5 Red candles

Red cloth


Anything from your lover like a cloth or hair, nail

How to cast a Spell to Protect your Lover

Draw a heart-like structure on a flat surface. Put your photos in the middle of the heart and light the candles. Put a red ribbon on the photos as candles melt down. After that, cool down and believe that what you are doing is real and effective. Then say the following words:

Through the powers of the ancestors, I want to protect my lover from any intervention from anyone who admires to disturb us”

Do this repeatedly for nine days and make sure that you do it at the start of a new moon. Because of this, the spell will do its work and protect your lover from others. You can do this alone only if you have any idea about it. Or else you can contact the spell caster to help you fix that and get what you want in a short period. You can chat me on WhatsApp on +256779566027 everything will be ok.

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