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(SPELL TO REMOVE CURSE IN YOUR LIFE) Removing a hex or a curse is normal in life especially if things are not going the right way. In this, the quickest way to remove a curse is to take a bath in beer, salt, and lemon. Beer is got from mud hops that have been used for centuries.  Beer is very helpful in the spiritual cleansing of rooms and people of bad spirits and ghosts. In Africa, Mud Hops were so useful to clear people from demonic possession.

Salt and lemon are often key factors in spiritual cleansing. These two elements clean your aura and send them back to the enemy who sent them. This helps to protect you from anyone who can try to send anything bad in your life.

For the spell to remove a curse you will need the following:

The juice of a lemon

A full bottle of beer

Sea salt

How to remove a curse in your life

Get a bath and add the above ingredients. Add a cup of beer, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a handful of sea salt to your bath. To this, you can toss in a hand full of salt. stay in the bath for at least twenty minutes and then rinse off.

Effects of Curse Removal

It can take time for people to realize, but if someone’s curse is haunting you, it’s extremely very difficult to succeed in life. Many people find difficulties in life not knowing that there are negative energies following them. This hidden force can result in many problems and setbacks in your goals.

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