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(SPELLS TO BRING BACK EX LOVER) Bringing back your ex lover is not an easy task. This spell of black magic will help you to do it without any hustle. You can use it to return your friend or your lover. No need to worry this that spell has any harm on anyone, only do its work and make sure no separation again in your love or in friendship. White magic is deeply intervenes with wicca. So this spell to bring back an ex  or a friend recognizes and appreciates the dignity that surrounds us.

This spell does not work negatively on people and if you want to harm someone its not a right spell. In this, you will need to use one of our powerful spells to return your ex back. When working with witchcraft, you must use the power of your minds helped by spiritual powers and natural powers.

This love spell use uses the power of your minds, thoughts, actions, behaviors and any element to bring back your lover. This spell does not create love feelings that do not already exist within your lover or friend. Instead, it makes him or her aware of the feelings and thoughts you have for him or her. Sometimes we fear to express our feelings towards our lovers but if its the case try this spell everything will be ok.

 what you will need for the spell to bring back your ex immediately

A photo of your loved one


3 Quartz water

A cooking pot

A wooden cooking spoon

Baking soda

After that, this love spell is mostly done in the bathroom. You use a sink in the bathroom to collect water in. The love spell love spell is more effective when your lover is sleeping. This help to soften his or her soul to accept the decision without any problem. If you want to talk to Dr. Nunu fill the form below or contact me on +256786016981 using WhatsApp or call direct I will answer you directly without any problem.

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