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In the (FORGIVENESS SPELL), this situation is very common in families, friends, communities and in love. Because disagreements are very common but can be solved with this spell in few days. In this spell, we use the pink candle because it stands for unconditional love. The blue candle stands for peace and forgiveness. In order to make the results positive, you place the photos of both of you in front of the candles. This will show a great impact in the spell.

The Forgiveness Spell has its roots in the Obeah religion and it is not 100% safe but its effective. It will remove and heal all the problems between you and the other person you have miss understandings with. This will bring harmony and forgiveness in a short period of time. The Lily of the Valley oil stands for peace and love if the situation seems to be so bad. This means that even if the situation can not be solved.


Lily of the valley oil

2 Pink candles

1 Blue candle

How to cast the Obeah Forgiveness Spell

Anoint the candles with the Lily of the valley oil. Place the pictures in front of the candles. Light the candles and recite this:

“It’s time to forgive and forget

We will once be glad

You will never be sad

We will be grateful that we met”

Let all the three candles burn all the way to the bottom undisturbed. Gather the ashes and the candle stubs and bury them under a big willow tree. Because of this, Forgiveness Spell will do its work and in few days you will be seeing the results.

In conclusion, Forgiveness Spell helps so much to calm down the situation where there is miss understandings. But its only effective if you trust it and believe that its possible.

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